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Currys PCWorld

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Review of Currys PCWorld in London 10 out of 10 new

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Posted by Anita Windisman on Sunday, 24 Apr 2016.

The reason for my visit today was to purchase a vacuum cleaner. As the website indicated, it was in stock at the store. When I went to pick it up, a lovely young woman helped me and got it from the back stock room. Not only that, but upon checkout, she taped a big handle on the large box, so that I could carry it out of the store. All in all it was a great experience.

Tip: The best thing about this location is that it has the world's first Google branded store inside. Opened in March 2015, it showcases all of the Google Android technology. There, you can find a big screen to view any Google Earth location, check out Chromecast, and do some digital "painting" on the grafitti wall. This location also hosts events from time to time. And, you can book time with Google experts, just like Apple's genius bar. Love this store!
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Review of Currys in Canary Wharf 2 out of 10

Review of Currys PCWorld. Read all reviews.

Posted by Milosz Olenski on Thursday, 07 Apr 2016.

The service is pretty terrible there. Do not ever try to return an item you once purchased - it's close to impossible :D
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Review of Currys in Wakefield 2 out of 10

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Posted by Richard Bailey on Tuesday, 29 Mar 2016.

Awful customer service,took a faulty laptop back after 3 days,should have been a straightforward exchange but the assistant couldn't have been anymore unhelpful,ended up going to another branch where they were the complete opposite.
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Review of Currys PC World in Stratford 2 out of 10

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Posted by Melina Mihaylova on Tuesday, 29 Mar 2016.

Worst customer service ever. Went in to buy TV, the model we liked was out of stock, we were told we can get the one from the stand - okay. We wanted to switch on the TV to see whether it works. 15 minutes no reaction from anyone in the shop. We walked out and came back after 10 mins with the same request. Done this time. The staff member went to check for a box and after a lot of waiting, turned out that there is no box and the stand for the TV is missing as well so they can't sell us the TV. We were advised to go to another branch but we insisted on the staff member calling them first to check. Turned out no other branch has the TV in stock. So after more than an hour wasted time, turned out that you are offering a TV that is not available to be bought and also the staff is so incompetent, that they couldn't tell us that straight away. Went to John Lewis and bought another TV straight away. Was also going to purchase playstation, microwave, hoover and a Canon eos 750d from your company but I very much doubt I will be going back there.
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Review of Currys in Bloomsbury 8 out of 10

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Posted by Daniel K Schulz on Sunday, 27 Mar 2016.

I bought my fitbit here and the staff was very helpful. Tgey actually let me try their private devices, that's what I call dedicated retail service!
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Review of Currys in Bloomsbury 2 out of 10

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Posted by sylwia Hajdacka on Tuesday, 15 Mar 2016.

I went to the story today and I knew what I wanted Samsung Tab S2 9.7, I was told this was a top product currently in the market so great news!
As the store offers price match I have shown them the same tablet in Argos £50 off and I asked the store manager to match the price. As I am O2 customer and currently on priority moments when you spend over £300 in store you get the £20 off I asked for this to be applied as well. I was told in not very polite manner that this is not acceptable by the system. Well Currys PC World I don’t really know how your system works and I am not really interested to know... As a costumer I want to pay £20 on the voucher and rest on my card, how difficult is that???

Anyway after arguing with the manager I decided to give up the Priority Moments Voucher and pay the £350 price as really needed to buy the tablet as gift!

When the manager brought the product I was shocked at the status of the box, filthy box with the black marks all over it, it looked like a returned used item! And as mentioned this is a gift purchase I asked for another box, which when arrived was even in a much worse state and I was told this is what we got. Absolutely shocking!!! Currys PC World how can you be selling top range £400 product in a filthy box!

Agree with previous comments Go to John Lewis. Go anywhere. Just avoid this place.
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Review of Currys in Bury 6 out of 10

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Posted by wave rider on Sunday, 13 Mar 2016.

Its quite a big store pcs tvs it has a car phone warehouse in store. Sells all white goods.
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Review of Currys PC World in Stratford 6 out of 10

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Posted by Trasa G on Tuesday, 08 Mar 2016.

Shop is oke! But only handful of staff are available! Make sure u are ready to wait at least 20min to get served.
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Review of Currys in Bloomsbury 2 out of 10

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Posted by Alex Neale on Sunday, 21 Feb 2016.

My girlfriend brought a laptop from here today and I was shocked at the level of customer service received. The staff, possibly through no fault of their own, have little knowledge of anything they're selling and bombard customers with unnecessary overpriced add ons. Their sales tactics bordered on scaremongering. I would advise anyone buying a laptop from here to take someone with them who knows about laptops so you don't end up buying over priced add-ons
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Review of Currys in Bloomsbury 2 out of 10

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Posted by Jason Millar on Thursday, 28 Jan 2016.

Literally, the worst service I have experienced from any company. I don't know how they are still in business when this is how they treat customers.

I bought a TV and when it turned up it was broken and I was told I would have to wait 5 working days for a replacement: not good enough when they can offer next day delivery on new products. I was then (mis)informed on the phone by the Knowhow centre (Curry's so-called customer service centre), and then again by the manager at this store, that I could exchange the broken product for a refund if I brought it into the store. When I took the trouble to travel through London with a bulky TV to collect a replacement product, I was then refused an exchange on the grounds that the product was 'damaged' not 'faulty (who cares - it's broken, it doesn't work, replace it!) and they couldn't accept it and I would have to wait for a redelivery. I was told that would mean arranging a collection (i.e. take time off work) and a redelivery (more time off work) to the original delivery address.

I was then told, after much dispute, wasted time and frustration with ill-informed and incompetent staff, that the product could instead be collected from the store by DPD. Having spoken three more times to KnowHow on the telephone over the following three weeks, I discovered that on three separate occasions the collection was attempted and not made from the Tottenham Court Road store. This was only confirmed after speaking to multiple customer service agents over a period of three weeks and having to wait at least 15 minutes on hold each time before being connected.

When I called again on the 28th, I was informed that the product had been collected on the 20th but that my refund had - for no apparent reason - not yet been processed even though there is a 3-5 day turnaround from receipt. I was then informed that my refund would take another 5 days (I should already have received it by the time of my call on the 28th of the month).

All in all, then, Currys have wasted my time on over a dozen occasions, delivered a faulty product and refused to return my money for a total of 33 days after the original product was purchased and delivered and found faulty.

Based on my experience of this branch and Currys/PC World as a company, the best advice I can give you is: go to John Lewis. I did, in the end, an received the same TV for £10 less with immediate delivery and no problems, not to mention an additional 5 year guarantee not offered by Curry's/PC World.

Stay away if you value your time or your sanity.
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Review of Currys PC World in Oxford 10 out of 10

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Posted by Andy Hayes on Thursday, 14 Jan 2016.

This is your standard Currys PC World where staff are over eager to sell you something but do not know anything about the product they are selling.
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Review of Currys PC World in Bath 8 out of 10

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Posted by Dawid Czerwinski on Wednesday, 13 Jan 2016.

Very small store, for any large appliances I recommend the other store near Lidl. But this one has nice equipment on stock.
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