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Currys PCWorld

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Review of Currys PC World in Batley 2 out of 10 new

Review of Currys PCWorld. Read all reviews of this store.

Posted by Adam Page on Friday, 20 Jan 2017.

Absolutely useless - every time I come here there's never a member of staff in sight. Sometimes I just don't bother buying and walk out because I can't find any staff. Click and collect they never bother to actually go get my item and when I come to collect it has sold out. I am currently stood at the til now have been here for 5 mins with nobody at all in sight - tempted to just walk out with my items! Joke of a store
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Review of Currys PC World in London 8 out of 10 new

Review of Currys PCWorld. Read all reviews of this store.

Posted by Hrvoje Lacković on Tuesday, 17 Jan 2017.

well, i definitely got even better product than I wanted thanks to Tim who has been really helpful and knowledgeable and I will advise some of his colleagues to look up to him especially the gentleman at the desk that day who just needs to learn the basics of customer service and that is when you start serving a client, you cant just start ignoring him.. if I was next and we started conversation, why did you also start serving a client behind me, dude, and told me to wait?? wtf?
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Review of Currys in London 2 out of 10 new

Review of Currys PCWorld. Read all reviews of this store.

Posted by Harry Su on Tuesday, 17 Jan 2017.



Went in to purchase a printer I had seen online. When I spoke to a male associate about it, I asked if it would have enough ink from the start for 20 pages, he said no, and that I would have to buy a slightly more expensive model that would come with half filled ink. Didn't seem right but I was in a rush.

When I went to pay, the female sales associate told me that I had to buy additional ink cartridges with the printer, otherwise she couldn't sell me the printer.

Something didn't seem right about this, and I specifically asked her, "Are you definitely sure I HAVE to buy extra ink to get the printer?" Again she said yes.

I needed the printer urgently so I just purchased it AND the additional ink.

Arrived home, and I felt like I had just been ripped off. I've worked in phone sales before, and something seemed dodgy. I contacted customer services and asked them if it was mandatory for me to buy extra ink and guess what? NO IT ISN'T! The agent on the phone said there is no such policy in place and I could have just purchased a printer if I wanted.

So obviously she LIED about the ink so she could boost her KPI's/targets which was disgusting, and the fact that she lied right to my face when I questioned her on it is atrocious.

What pissed me off the most is that I only needed to printer to print 20 pages of standard forms, and the ink that came with the printer was more than enough and I was SCAMMED into buying extra ink for nearly £50.

What a joke, I will not return to this store unless I am absolutely desperate. If you are unsure what you want/need, I implore you to go somewhere else, otherwise you will be taken for a ride.
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Review of Currys PC World in Milton Keynes 2 out of 10 new

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Posted by Zak Martin on Saturday, 14 Jan 2017.

I went to buy some speakers. They were on display. The manager would not plug them in so i could test the sound. Aparently there's no sockets at this end of the shop. Why display speakers if you can't try them. Tvs were all switched on. Sound bars were on. Absolute non sense and a waste of time. I might as well have just ordered on line. Never stepping foot in there again.
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Review of Currys in Wakefield 2 out of 10 new

Review of Currys PCWorld. Read all reviews of this store.

Posted by Bill Sturch on Thursday, 12 Jan 2017.

Staff found camera I was interested in Nikon P900 ,not on display, only available in limited number of stores unless ordered. Unable to test the camera due to no memory card available in the store to use. Lost sale of camera and accessories, lack of interest by staff.
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Review of Currys PC World in London 2 out of 10 new

Review of Currys PCWorld. Read all reviews of this store.

Posted by Jonathan Baldrey on Thursday, 12 Jan 2017.

I went in twice on two separate days and the service on both days was worse than terrible. The first day we wanted to buy a Surface Pro, had seen it advertised. One assistant just randomly pointed to where they were, a second one then finally finished chatting to his colleagues and came over. He said they had no stock of the deal we wanted, no attempt to sell us anything else, he suggested we look online as other shops have deals.

Today I went in to buy headphones and was "served" by JC. I specifically wanted ones which don't go right in the ear, I asked if I could just have a look at the backs of the display models. No was the answer. You just have to buy them and see. "Can you open the box?". No was the answer. "How can I see what the backs are like then?" You can't. He suggested I go to Selfridges or John Lewis. I then said I wanted to complain, he said "The manager is downstairs". I went and found the manager, Ash, said I wanted to complain. All the time I was talking he didn't make eye-contact, instead he kept fiddling with a phone. I asked him why he couldn't look at me and he said he was trying to serve another customer (who his colleague standing next to him eventually served).

I cannot imagine how much rent and rates PC World are paying for this shop, but honestly the staff could not be worse. What is the point of having a shop when all you do is give atrocious service and suggest to customers that they go to John Lewis or Selfridges or shop online?
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Review of Currys PC World in Droylsden 10 out of 10 new

Review of Currys PCWorld. Read all reviews of this store.

Posted by Carol Lomax on Wednesday, 11 Jan 2017.

Very helpful customer service. Went in with an issue with my kindle and a guy called Andy from KnowHow helped me to sort my issue out. Would recommend.

Another great service again, I had a different issue with my kindle and the people at KnowHow were extremely helpful again. This time I spoke to Dave and Jamie who was extremely helpful and again from the KnowHow desk.
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