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Currys PCWorld

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Review of Currys PCWorld in London 2 out of 10 new

Review of Currys PCWorld. Read all reviews of this store.

Posted by James Cartwright on Saturday, 24 Sep 2016.

In short: Want to buy something here? Goodluck!

In long:
Went in wanting to purchase a nikon d5500. Waited five minutes for an assistant to be free. After 5 minutes of being told to buy a new phone, broadband package and new data package for my existing phone (to get £10 off, wow) I was told I'd have to speak to someone else as he was only affiliated with the in-store Carphone Warehouse. Fantastic

I then waited for a currys/PC world assistant. They had the camera in stock, great, I'll buy one!

You will need an SD card -> I already have a 64gb one
Are you sure? -> ....

When we had finally got to payment i was then TOLD how much the insurance plan on top of the cost.

After replying I did not want 3-5 year insurance (my old camera easily lasted 5+ years) I was met with a look of bewilderment and disbelief.

Surely when(?) my camera breaks down I will need it replaced and the hundred + pounds of insurance would be worth it!

I replied no just let me buy the damn thing.

Again he insisted I needed it. When a customer is willing to buy a £500+ product and has refused twice the extra rubbish, just leave them alone, please!.

After being told I really did not understand how great this was I decided to leave, inventing some make-up story about getting free 2 year warranty elsewhere - only to be told I was lying or was mistaken.

Instead of leaving with a new camera I left with high blood pressure.
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Review of Currys PCWorld in London 4 out of 10 new

Review of Currys PCWorld. Read all reviews of this store.

Posted by Chris Sfetsios on Tuesday, 20 Sep 2016.

Most of the staff are not very helpful and are grumpy. If you are returning something they have this automatic reaction to not try and help you with your problem and rather send you away. However there are one or two people who are the opposite.
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Review of Currys PCWorld in London 2 out of 10

Review of Currys PCWorld. Read all reviews of this store.

Posted by Joseph Diable on Sunday, 11 Sep 2016.

I don't normally write reviews but after all the negative reviews I've read here I have to say they are warranted. I visited this store today after a visit yesterday. The attitude of staff, seems to be it's my way or the high way. Clearly this store cares nothing about sales, customer satisfaction or anything related to the customer. I would not recommend this place at all to buy items. You would get better customer satisfaction from any other store or just go online and buy what you need.
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Review of Currys PCWorld in Manchester 2 out of 10

Review of Currys PCWorld. Read all reviews of this store.

Posted by Emma Wignall on Saturday, 10 Sep 2016.

This store in Ancoats is definitely one of the worst stores I have ever visited. The staff are unfriendly and rude and there is not enough variety of items whatsoever. The few times that I have been in have been the most unpleasant and I can guarantee that I will not be visiting the store again. The first time I went in to buy some headphones and as soon as I walked in I was bombarded with questions about my browsing but when it came to me actually wanting to get it off the shelf, there was not a single member of staff willing to help me in sight (to get expensive headphones off the rack, there is a tag that needs to be removed so you can remove it and take it to the till). Before I had even left the retail park I had to return because the headphones didn't even work and the staff didn't seem most pleased to sort me out a refund/exchange. On my second trip, I was shopping for a low budget iron that i had previously seen online. I went in once and they told me they were waiting on a delivery and I was told to come back in a couple of hours by the member of staff. I waited a few hours and returned and there was still no iron - I went to a member of staff after having to travel the lengths of the store to find one and they were very rude and not understanding at all. I left, and returned the next day to find no iron and again, no member of staff in sight. I don't know where the members of staff are hiding that other people are saying were kind and helpful, probably in the fridges i guess but they are massively understaffed and ones that are employed have absolutely no customer service skills.
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Review of Currys PCWorld in London 2 out of 10

Review of Currys PCWorld. Read all reviews of this store.

Posted by Ala Owaineh on Tuesday, 06 Sep 2016.

I ordered a surface pro 4 online using the click and collect service, and stopped by at the Tottenham court road shop to pick it up.

The email I got very clearly said "£629 to pay", I got there expected to pay and just pick up my order. Instead, I had to wait for a different member of staff to explain all the different offers they had on the Surface, and see if he could interest me in some. But the staff member could not give me any clear answers regarding offers that applied to the surface and ones that didn't. Because (wait for it) the PCs didn't work. In PC World.

Also, the price was £60 more than what it said on the confirmation email (which I showed him) and he had no idea why the price changed.

All in all, was a total waste of my time and I didn't get the device I wanted. I will just pay more and get it from a reliable shop!
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Review of Currys PCWorld in Bath 2 out of 10

Review of Currys PCWorld. Read all reviews of this store.

Posted by david graham on Monday, 29 Aug 2016.

Bought an Asus Zen 10 Tablet on Saturday August 27th 2016 at 5.50pm. Wanted it to play imported videos on from a micro sd 128GB memory card, and to watch Youtube.
DOES NOT PLAY IMPORTED VIDEOS!!: the buffering is bad, causing the film to either (1) Play in slow motion, (2) Heavily fragment on screen, (3) Stagger.
Tried internet to obtain local telephone number for the Southgate branch of Curry's & P.C.World, and got a Call Centre instead (only that number was listed for the Southgate branch).
Want to return it for a refund of my £149.99+£20.00 for Anti Virus package. Was told that as l had opened the box it was unlikely that l would get a refund. And again that as l had used imported video files this would void a refund too. BUT I WILL CHECK OUT THE LAW REFERRING TO TRADING AND STANDARDS, first.
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Review of Currys PCWorld in Manchester 10 out of 10

Review of Currys PCWorld. Read all reviews of this store.

Posted by Henley Bailey on Thursday, 18 Aug 2016.

If you need a PC world or Currys, this is a good one to come too. Big with TVs, computer bits, washing machines, fridges etc. All the usual bits along with friendly staff.
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