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Morrisons Supermarket

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Morrisons sell groceries online through Ocado. They have recently signed up to a deal with Amazon to sell their groceries through the Amazon website.

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Review of Morrisons in Kettering 8 out of 10 new

Posted by Elisa on Saturday, 17 Mar 2018.

Really improved recently. Good baby facilities, interesting children's play area in cafe. Excellent value deals on food. Caters well for allergy and non standard diets
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Review of Morrisons in Cotteridge 8 out of 10 new

Posted by Liss Winfield on Saturday, 17 Mar 2018.

So I've visited here for the first time since the renovation and I've got to say I dony understand why everything is so crammed in! Even the entrance to such a large store is tiny and you have to fight past people with trollys and baskets blocking the entrance, there's no room to navigate the slow people browsing.

The closed fridges are very nice but not practical at all, in a normal store u can reach around people to pick what u need in this store all the doors are blocked by trolleys of browsers....theres no way of getting to what you need unless you can get to open a door!

They have pods with produce/magazines blocking walkways along with trolleys blocking everything!

The baskets are even odd too! I had a full basket which I took to the self check out, because the plastic handle around the metal is loose the basket swung allowing my shopping to fly out like it was on a swing and across the floor......ive not experienced anything like this before!! I found the whole experience annoying and frustrating

They were renovating when I went so everything was crammed in...but this is just temporary. I find some items priced expensively compared to Sainsburys but overall ok. Love the salad bar
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Review of Morrisons in Kettering 6 out of 10 new

Posted by Alison Fordham on Saturday, 17 Mar 2018.

The lovely lady at the till was very nice to me and my Yong daughter. My only complaint was that you did not seem to have a large selection of cheap easter eggs (£1). Overall we had a lovely visit to morrosions.
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Review of Morrisons in Edinburgh 10 out of 10 new

Posted by Mark Donachy on Friday, 16 Mar 2018.

Morrisons is my favourite British supermarket, never as rammed as Asda, cheaper than Sainsbury's and more human than Tesco.
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Review of Morrisons in Horsforth 2 out of 10 new

Posted by Gerard Murphy on Friday, 16 Mar 2018.

Carrots and spuds sometimes left on shelves until they are rotten. Milk and cheese go off long before best before date. Other items on shelves often not marked up with price. Expect long queues at check-out.
Cafe chaos. Grubby tables not cleared or wiped. Floor not swept. Dirty cutlery. Can't find staff to place your order, have to shout them to come out of kitchen. Coffee machine always out of order. They use horrible tasting tea bags. Not worth the hassle or the money.
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Review of Morrisons Store in Leeds 10 out of 10 new

Posted by Nick Booth on Friday, 16 Mar 2018.

Morrisons in Kirkstall is great 😊 the cafe in morrisons is absolutely great and the staff in the cafe are all absolutely great, I would recommend morrisons in Kirkstall and I would also fully recommend the cafe
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Review of Morrisons in Edinburgh 10 out of 10 new

Posted by Amir pooladi on Thursday, 15 Mar 2018.

I am currently undergoing chemotherapy. We were in St. Simon's for a wedding, and I felt I needed to rest during the day. Sent the guys, my husband and son, to play golf. It was wonderful to kick back, watch old westerns on the great tv, while relaxing in the incredibly comfortable bed. The housekeeper was so pleasant, and the room service was incredible. Ordered a quesadilla and loved every mouth full. It came hot and delicious. It was a great day, and I was ready to enjoy the wedding. My husband even got me a virgin pina colada, which we enjoyed on the balcony. Wonderful! We will be back for sure! Thanks so much for making our stay so special!
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Review of Morrisons in West End 6 out of 10 new

Posted by Val Jeeves on Thursday, 15 Mar 2018.

Love Morrisons nice offers and generally plenty to choose. Love the deli counter as well.
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Review of Morrisons in Wetherby 10 out of 10 new

Posted by Susana Knowles on Wednesday, 14 Mar 2018.

I went to Morrisons cafe in Wetherby today. Very friendly and efficient. Good for kids.
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Review of Morrisons in Shefford 2 out of 10 new

Posted by Cris Nich on Wednesday, 14 Mar 2018.

it used to be a nice supermarket but I have been disappointed again and again lately.
Every time I go there to buy a roasted chicken they have none and every time for different reasons....yesterday was : we run out this morning because we had hardly any chicken delivered to reast! What is wrong with the fresh chicken on the shelves to roast???
I have tried to have replace my bags for life and they are always waiting for a delivery.
All in all not jsut good enough!
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