Reviews of CQout on This is a feed of the latest reviews for CQout on Sun, 15 Nov 2009 12:00:00 GMT // UK High Street Shops and Services 120 60 I like CQout because it is safe for buyers by RadioRadio I have been a buyer on CQout for several years and I prefer it to other auction sites, because of it security and user verification. They charge £2 to your card as a process of verifying user details, when you first register with them. The explanation on CQout web site is that it allows them to keep out the majority of fraudsters who give false contact details. That way I know I will end up dealing with real people. I know most other sites do not verify their users and other sites who say they are able to verify a user's detail without making an actual charge to that account are being less than 100% truthful. This is because until an actual charge is placed on a card it is unlikely that the rightful owner of that card cries foul! So a fraudulent or copied card can be used for validation successfully without the rightful owner ever knowing about it. The acid test is when a charge actually appears on the statement. I feel safe when buying at CQout and have never lost any money, because I use their in-house payment system SecurePay which gives 100% protection and all sellers are obliged to accept SecurePay, couple of times I have bought Games Consoles which just looked silly cheap and not surprisingly the items never materialised, but I was not in the least concerned, I reported them to CQout, I got a full refund and the sellers were banned from the site. This is a very different experience to the payment protection at say PayPal, where in my experience they are so many conditions and get out clauses which make actual level of protection “not worth the paper it is written on” ( as the expression goes ! ) The only downside of CQout is that is does not have as many items as say eBay, so you can’t always find what you want, but I always search to see what is listed at CQout before going elsewhere if I have to. Sun, 15 Nov 2009 12:00:00 GMT